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Volgaklubi foorum :: Vaata teemat - Volga 21 arrived safely in Australia
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Volga 21 arrived safely in Australia

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Autor Sõnum

Liitunud: Aug 26, 2009
Teateid: 25
Asukoht: Melbourne, Australia

TeadePostitatud: N nov 12, 2009 1:16 pm    Postita teema: Volga 21 arrived safely in Australia Vasta viitega

My GAZ-21 Volga arrived in Melbourne, Australia last week from Tallinn and it took just over a week to go through customs and quarantine.

When I went to pick it up today, I was hoping to drive it away.
All I had was some English translation of the dashboard and switches and some diagrams.

First, the battery was flat so thankfully the quarantine store had some jump start cables and battery for me. There was virtually no fuel in it either and the fuel gauge did not work, so I had to take a quick taxi to get 10 litres of fuel.

Also, I did not realise that you has to manually pump the fuel first in the engine area, somehow I managed to figure this out myself.

Eventually it started, but it ran rough and strange and I noticed that unlike the diagram that I had, this car did not have a choke button or connecting choke cable.

After putting on the new number plates, I drove off with it hoping to get it, the 15km drive home.
About 3km along the way, the engine stalled and the battery did not have enough power to start it. I had to push it off the road with the help of someone walking by, but even then it was hard to push as the tires were also half flat.

I called a friend who I was hoping to come and get me later.
In the meantime I waited at the car beside the busy road.
After about an hour, a car pulled up and backed towards me. The man jumped out and could not believe his eyes. He said "What is an old volga like this doing in Australia?" He had a Russian accent. He said he was driving by and had to look twice as he could not believe what he was seeing. He told me that his father worked on Volgas back in Russia and he grew up with watching him work on them.

I have researched and investigated, but I do not know of any other GAZ-21 Volgas in Australia.

He spent about 30 minutes helping me with adjusting the accelerator and choke linkage while boosting my battery with his jumper leads hooked to his car. He was very friendly and I was so happy someone knew what they were doing, even though I am reasonably mechanically minded myself. But he knew straight away what the problem was.

He followed me all the way home and I offered some vodka celebration, which we were both glad to drink.

So now I have the Volga at my home, picture of it taken today in the gallery area of this site.

A number of things need fixing, before I can get it correctly registered.
The fun begins...
Lembit Marder
Melbourne, Australia
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Liitunud: Jul 04, 2006
Teateid: 142
Asukoht: Tartu

TeadePostitatud: N nov 12, 2009 1:22 pm    Postita teema: Vasta viitega

Congratulations ! Smile
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